Applying for Credit

In order to be granted the opportunity for advanced wage and curriculum placement, you must take the following steps:

  • You must submit indisputable documentation verifying your hours of on-the-job training experience as a registered apprentice. All experience gained after July 1, 2005 must be verified on the Affidavit of Experience form (found at the front desk). No other letters of verification will be accepted for experience gained after that date.
  • Letters verifying experience before July 1, 2005 must be on original company letterhead (photocopies will not be accepted) and must include the following information:
    • Dates of employment (month, date, and year)
    • The total number of hours worked with a breakdown of the experience worked in each category (residential, commercial, planning and layout, maintenance, etc.)
    • The letter must be dated and signed by a representative of the company.
  • For advanced wages, any number of hours may be submitted for consideration. In order to apply for advanced curriculum placement, you must have a minimum of 2,000 hours.
  • If you are interested in applying for advanced curriculum placement, you must notify the DJEATC promptly following your interview so that we may schedule you for testing.

If the JATC finds that the documentation submitted is acceptable, you will be permitted to take the JATC’s Craft Certification written examination and hands-on evaluation. If you pass both the exam and the evaluation, you will be given credit for the curriculum year. Failure to receive a qualifying score on both sections will result in no credit being awarded. Please keep in mind that advanced placement is not a guarantee as all documentation is subject to review by the JATC. Applicants who test prior to their acceptance into the program are not guaranteed to be selected as apprentices, regardless of their test scores.

All previous experience documentation must be submitted prior to being indentured. No additional credit will be granted after that time.

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